This is a six month paid
creative internship.

No getting in because your
dad’s friend’s cat’s cousin is the
director. But also no
photocopying, no filing, and no
making the tea.

You come up with the ideas,
and in return you’ll get help
them happen from one
of the world’s top creative
networks. Plus the
living wage, so you can eat and
live indoors and stuff.

We’re not bothered if
you’re old or young.

Education? Don’t care.
Previous experience?

Not that interested.

Makes no difference to us
whether you can recite every
director in the country
or wouldn’t know an agency
if it knocked on
your door
and offered you a tour
of its awards cabinet.

We’re just looking
for creative people.

And if you think you might
be one, or a team of two,

we want to hear from you.

Successful applicants form a
creative unit and tackle creative
from across the entire
agency. It could be a TV ad, a
rapid response to
news, or helping launch a
brand new product.

You’ll also get a mentor.
For purposes of guidance,
emotional support,
and trips to
the pub. A word of warning
though. This isn’t “work

experience”. This is work. And
you will need to work hard.

It will be brain-wringing,
finger-cramping, and
But 6 months
down the pipeline, you’ll have a
portfolio. It’ll be
critiqued by
executive creative directors
from across the agency.
And it
could lead to a full time job.

We may employ all of you.
Or we may employ none.
Ultimately it’s up to you.

During the pipe
you will be challenged by
3 types of brief:
applying for
the pipe is a
3 step process

Send us one piece of work
that proves your creativity.

If you’ve studied advertising,
it could be something from
your portfolio.
A campaign,
a single ad, or even a raw
idea scribbled on a napkin.

If you haven’t, it might be
anything from a brilliant film
to a moving
poem, a doodle
or a cunning piece of code.
Submit a meme if you like.

[Previous applications
include but are not limited to:

a collage, a documentary,
a recorded spoken word
performance, a
charity project,
design for a range of
handbags, a song, a political

campaign, graffiti, an outfit
for a Miss Barbados pageant,
and a comic
strip coloured
in crayon.]

It could be anything. But it can
only be one thing,
and it must
show us your creativity.

If you’re one of the top 200
applicants, you’ll be given a
brief and two
weeks to respond.

We’ll display all of the
responses anonymously inside
our office, inviting
every Ogilvy
employee to pick a favourite.

Don’t worry about being big
and flashy. Great ideas are
always popular.

The creators of the 50
most-liked entries will get an
at Sea Containers.

You’ll meet some of the top
people from Ogilvy, ask
questions, and
answer some of
ours. We’ll be spending 6
months together, so it’s best to

see if we get along.

The top 14 candidates become
the 2017-18 cohort of
The Pipe,
starting in September.

Simple as that.

Applications closed
Any questions, drop us a line